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By using a rear roller mower, we are
able to create the highly sought after
striped effect, giving your lawn the
'Premier' Look.


Hollow tine aeration has many benefits for your lawn.
This process loosens compacted soil and increases the
availability of water and nutrients to the lawn.
It also increases oxygen levels in the soil, which in turn
stimulates root growth and enhances the activity of
thatch-decomposing organisms. While removing cores
of soil, the tines also sever roots, rhizomes and stolons,
promoting new grow and improving overall health.


Using a fertilizer with a blend of
key nutrients and a highly advanced
weed control, we can ensure your
lawn is green, healthy and weed free
all year round.


Strimming is used for areas that are
difficult or impossible to mow i.e.
against walls or fences and on
slopes or banks.


This vigorous process is used to remove the
build-up of thatch and moss in the lawn. Using a machine
the downwards blades hook out the thatch
(similar to raking) while cutting stolons in the
process. This allows better access for sunlight
and airflow whilst also improving drainage.
Cutting the stolons encourages the development
of new shoots thus increasing lawn density.


Our iron sulphate feed (applied autumn/winter)
gives a deep green colour whilst ‘hardening’ the
lawn ready for the cold, wet weather. The same
treatment also dehydrates the moss.